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Better Digestion Stack

  • Our Better Digestion Stack combines our best products designed to help you achieve a healthier digestive tract and gut flora, and a healthier, lean physique.

    The Better Digestion Stack contains 30 servings each of our all-natural, high quality probiotic and digestive enzymes Probio-30 and Digest+.

    • Probio-30 is an advanced probiotic containing 30 billion helpful organisms, including strains shown to help women lose twice as much weight as control groups. Plus, an advanced delivery system to help ensure the beneficial probiotics get all the way to your lower intestines where they do the most good.
    • Digest+ is a advanced blend of digestive enzymes designed to help improve digestive health and to help digest tough-to-digest foods like gluten, dairy and more.
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What Other Customers Are Saying

"Optimal health begins in the gut. If your body struggles to digest food properly, not only will you experience uncomfortable symptoms like gas and bloating, but you'll also likely miss out on absorbing all the health promoting nutrients from your diet. Strong digestive function sets the stage for good health overall!"

~Dr. Eric Lewis, ND - Naturopathic Physician


Improve Digestion And Nutrient Absorption

We've combined two of the best digestive health supplements to create the Better Digestion Stack


Did you know that ideally, up to 85% of the bacteria in our gut is beneficial to our health (aka good bacteria)?


By keeping the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in your favor through the use of a high-quality probiotic like Probio-30, you can combat the health consequences of a bad bacteria-dominated gut (diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, IBS, poor immune function, and more).



Did you know that most probiotic supplements don't even reach your lower digestive tract where they do the most good because they're burned up by your stomach acid?


But PrettyFit Probio-30 does! To combat this, we’ve packaged our probiotics in special DRcaps® that can get through your stomach acid and deliver the probiotics where they’re supposed to go.


Do You Have Digestive Deficiencies?

Your body produces a limited amount of enzymes and that production slows with age. This can lead to a weakened immune system along with constipation, bloating, cramping, gas, acid reflux (heart burn) and create deficiencies in vital nutrients.


By supporting your body's production of enzymes with a digestive enzyme supplement like Digest+, you can prevent the symptoms of poor digestive health and bad nutrition absorption.


How To Use Your Better Digestion Stack


Example Day

Here's how most customers structure their supplement schedules when using this stack:



A recent study showed that women who consumed a probiotic containing the strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a strain included in Probio-30, lost TWICE as much weight as women who did not use the probiotic.


Additionally, the women who used the probiotic in this study continued to lose weight after the initial study period AND showed decreased levels of intestinal bacteria related to obesity…



We also included strains of bacteria that were shown to reduce weight gain and body fat compared to those who did not take a probiotic…



Modern food manufacturing processes are more efficient now than they've ever been, producing amounts of food previous generations could only dream of.

Unfortunately these harsh processes often strip foods of their nutritional value, so even if you eat healthy, it's hard for your body to absorb enough nutrients.


Better Absorption Means Better Health... And A Faster Metabolism

A potent, all-natural digestive enzyme supplement like Digest+ helps your body break down all foods, including the tough-to-digest foods, helping you get as many nutrients as possible.

By improving your digestive tract's efficiency with digestive enzymes, you can increase your metabolism and weight loss efforts.


Better Than Your Average Digestive Enzymes

Digest+ contains not only contains a full spectrum of helpful enzymes, it contains the enzymes Aspergillopepsin and DPPIV which can help you digest gluten more effectively, as well as Beta Glucanase which can help slow the growth of candida.


The PrettyFit Difference:

Get More Out Of Your Workouts

Combining only the highest quality, well-researched ingredients, we're happy to bring you this amazing all-inclusive product. 

Whether you're trying to get lean, put on muscle, or simply improve athletic performance, our stimulant-free product is perfect for your goals. 

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