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Anti-Aging Stack

  • Our Anti-Aging Stack combines our best products designed to help fight inflammation, improve digestion, immunities and skin/hair/nail health while achieving an improved metabolism and optimizing your health and wellness.

    The PrettyFit Anti-Aging Stack includes 1 30 ct. Probio-30, 1 60 ct. Organic Turmeric, and and 1 60 ct. Omegas.
    • PrettyFit Probio-30 unique probiotic formula is designed to help boost immune system, metabolism, natural energy levels, hair/skin/nail health and more.
    • PrettyFit Organic Turmeric is a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant superfood that is anti-cancer, anti-aging and promotes cognitive health, pain-relief and more!*
    • PrettyFit Omegas is our ultra-pure, extra strength fish oil supplement with more EPA and DHA (the beneficial fatty omega-3 fatty acids) than most Omega-3 supplements available. 
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Fight Inflammation - Look And Feel Younger

It's a challenge to balance work, relationships and your health goals. Life is busy… and it’s tough to make sure you’re getting your body all the nutrients you need.

When it comes to aging, inflammation caused by stress, poor digestion and poor nutrition can take a major toll on your body... specifically your metabolism, energy levels, immune system and hair/skin/nail health.

The three easiest ways that the average American woman can decrease inflammation and the negative side effects of aging is by decreasing stress, improving digestion and improving nutrition.

We help you accomplish this in less than 2 minutes a day with the Anti-Aging Stack: probiotics, turmeric and omega-3 fatty acids.


Did you know that ideally, up to 85% of the bacteria in our gut is beneficial to our health (aka good bacteria)?

By maintaining a healthy balance of "good bacteria" with probiotics, you can combat the health consequences of a bad bacteria-dominated gut (diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, IBS, poor immune function and more.

What's more, by improving your immune system through the use of high-quality probiotics, you can improve your skin health and natural energy levels, keeping you looking young and radiant.

Turmeric - The World's Natural Anti-Inflammatory

This powerful natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant superfood is anti-cancer, anti-aging and promotes cognitive health, pain-relief and more!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Lastly, the average American diet has too much Omega-6 fatty acids causing an unhealthy balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which can lead to a host of healthy issues. Consuming more omega-3 fatty acids from fish can help improve heart, brain and eye health, as well as cognitive function.

This is why we've put together the Anti-Aging Stack, to cover all the bases for you!

Individually, the combined costs of the products in this stack would be $159.97! Get yours now for only $69.99! 


How To Use Your Anti-Aging Stack


Example Day

Here's how most customers structure their supplement schedules when using this stack:



PrettyFit Omegas Highlights

PrettyFit Probio-30

Optimize Health*

Improving your digestion is one of the easiest ways to improve your energy levels, metabolism and hair, skin and nail health.

A recent study showed that women who consumed a probiotic containing the strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a strain included in Probio-30, lost TWICE as much weight as women who did not use the probiotic.

Additionally, the women who used the probiotic in this study continued to lose weight after the initial study period AND showed decreased levels of intestinal bacteria related to obesity…



PrettyFit Organic Turmeric

PrettyFit Organic Turmeric is the ultra potent, organic turmeric supplement designed to fight chronic inflammation - a leading cause of heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, alzheimers and other degenerative conditions.

We even included 5mg of organic black pepper per serving as research shows the addition of organic black pepper increases the bioavailability of the beneficial turmeric by over 2000%!

Increase your quality of life

By taking an organic turmeric supplement regularly, you can potentially increase your quality of life! It takes less than a minute a day and is extremely affordable.*

Other over the counter anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and anti-aging supplements and medicines cost a fortune and often times contain harsh chemicals.

An organic turmeric supplement is an convenient, all-natural way to get amazing benefits at a fraction of the cost.


PrettyFit Omegas

Beyond being one of the more potent all-natural, anti-inflammatories, Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplements are essential for a host of regular body functions. Beyond heart, eye and brain health, research suggests that DHA and EPA, active compounds in fish oil can contribute to improved cognition and mental well being.*



PrettyFit Greens

The PrettyFit Difference:

All-Natural, Well-Researched, Minimal Ingredients

We invested heavily in quality – all ingredients are the highest quality possible with each ingredient being tested for purity and potency before being manufactured in a state of the art FDA cGMP facility (certified good manufacturing practice).

No unknown or unpronounceable ingredients, simply the best. 

We truly believe these are the best products on the market and we know you will love it!

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