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How To Choose CrossFit Shoes

April 24, 2019

If you lead an active lifestyle, then the sport is a part of it. If you want to perform well, you should be able to move correctly and your feet should have a good foundation. It is provided by high-quality CrossFit shoes, which can not only increase the performance but prevent the injury. Here is a guide for you, which explains the benefits of CrossFit shoes, gives tips as for the choice of footwear and provides the examples of the best CrossFit shoes, which tackle everything a WOD throws at you.

Benefits Of CrossFit Shoes

The CrossFit training program is the mix of strength, durability exercises with a plyometric workout (it entails a maximum engagement of muscular tissues). This vigorous training focuses on stamina, flexibility, power, coordination, balance. The key feature of the CrossFit training is that it makes athletes push the body to its physical limits and leaves them completely exhausted. Many people wonder if they need CrossFit shoes for this training and the answer is yes! Here are the advantages of CrossFit shoes:


The focal point in either cardio training or a barbell thruster is a balance. The feet should be stable and grippy, that is why good CrossFit shoes are vital.

Joints support

While training, much pressure is put on muscles, and it also applies to joints. So, if your ankles and knees receive a proper support, you steer clear of a risk of trauma and endure the pressure.

Enhanced durability

CrossFit shoes are designed to take the pressure drops on the body during the training. In the meantime, they maintain a good appearance and preserve qualities, which prolong their lifespan. An ordinary footwear for running or lifting does not have this advantage.


For each kind of training, there are special shoes. For instance, shoes for running have a soft sole, which makes feet feel comfortable. And if you try the Olympic weightlifting, you should use the shoes, which don’t absorb your energy and they provide good stability.

Improved breathability

During an extreme workout, you want your feet to stay dry in order to prevent injuries and enhance the performance. The CrossFit shoes give an enhanced breathability, which is crucial when you are functioning out.

Types Of CrossFit Shoes

These shoes may be of different types, so, when it comes to choosing a good pair, consider the merits and demerits each kind has and make your choice. Here are the major types of CrossFit shoes:
  • Classic shoes are cheap and universal. They don’t have exquisite details and may be worn on a regular basis to the gym.
  • Minimal shoes are lightweight and flexible. They have a midsole cushioning, but there is the lack of stability and support.
  • Running shoes are comfortable and stable. They have a great midsole cushioning and a high drop.
  • The Olympic CrossFit lifting shoes are durable. They have a small elevated platform, which is ideal for lifting.
  • Toe shoes are lightweight and breathable. They go over each of the toes and are ideal for running.

How To Choose CrossFit Shoes

The market is overloaded with different types of CrossFit shoes and to opt the best variant may be a real challenge sometimes. In order to make the right choice, stick to these tips.

Determine the type of training

If you want to achieve good results in the activity you’ve chosen, you should select the attire according to the type of training. For instance, if you choose running, shoes should give you a cushion. If you focus on lifting, then shoes should give additional support. If your accent is general fitness and gymnastics, go for shoes with an improved protection.

Choose the right drop

A drop is a difference between the height of the heel and the height of the forefoot. Running shoes have the drop of 8 mm and it allows guide the foot from heel to toe. CrossFit shoes should have a 4 mm drop. In this case, the weight is distributed across the foot, which provides a more natural position.

Pick an ideal sole

During a WOD, feet should remain stable so that you could perform well. The best sole is a hard sole, which keeps the feet glued to the ground, and regardless the load, you remain stable. If you choose a soft sole, then it may even cause the injury, especially while lifting.

Pay attention to the body of the shoes

The body of the shoes provides durability as you may perform different tasks, such as a trail running. There should be a cage around the midfoot and toes, which serves as extra protection and reinforces good alignment during squats.

Think about the climate

Obviously, not all CrossFit shoes may be used in the same conditions. If you decided to hit the gym regularly, pick the variant, which can be used indoors. Or if you want to work out outdoors, choose the shoes, which may be carried out in these conditions.

Think about protection

CrossFit exercises put much pressure on your feet, so your shoes should give a good protection. The outer material of shoes should be strong (e.g. Kevlar), shoes should have grip and a rubber cage, which gives a decent forefoot protection.

Decide the level of support

Various shoes give a different level of support. If you choose box jumps and running, you need a high drop for better comfort. However, if you need shoes for heavy weight lifting, they should have a thin and flat sole and be lightweight.

Focus on breathability

The higher the breathable level, the better. If your feet are cool, you perform well and keep fatigue at bay. On top of that, dry feet are less prone to slipping, that is why the level of safety is high. Pick those shoes, who have a special material, which absorbs sweat and you will feel more comfortable.

Top Three Best CrossFit Shoes

There is no an ideal trademark, which offers perfect shoes for everybody. However, there are brands, which make shoes for certain purposes, foot types and budgets. They are Nike, New Balance, and Reebok CrossFit Shoes, which are considered to be the best. Here are the variants, which are sought-after amid athletes all over the world.

Nike Metcon 1

Nike Met Con 1 Minimal heel-toe drop: 4mm The sole type: stiff Description: These shoes are great for a standard foot and they are known for their small size, so always choose them carefully. They offer a sock-like comfort and a perfect lacing system. Also, they provide high breathability and support. Besides, they have a firm rubber in the heel for stability and a sticky rubber in the forefoot, which improves traction. In the meantime, they are not recommended for running.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4’s

Reebok CrossFit Nano 4 Minimal heel-toe drop: 4mm The sole type: hard Description: They provide a perfect fit for a wide foot due to a wide toe box so that the foot is spread out in its natural form. It provides a toe protection with special layers, a compression-molded midsole for shock absorption. Also, a raised lug pattern promotes a good traction. But a pump type of these shoes may be tricky for lifting because a foot may be slipping.

New Balance Minimus

New Balance MInimus Minimal heel-toe drop: 4mm The sole type: hard Description: These shoes are comfortable as have a thin and flexible sole and come in a bunch of sizes. They feature an advanced breathability, traction, and durability. Besides, a midfoot wrap helps a foot to stay in its place and a new performance foam gives a lightweight support. The demerit is that they can cause rubbing for people with wide feet.


So, choose shoes according to your personal needs and preferences, but in the meantime, be practical and select the pair, which will endure everything a WOD offers, be convenient and have a long lifespan.

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